Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Virtual Credit Card Has Arrived!

I just got an email from BDO Philippines that they are now offering this BDO Virtual Credit Card. Well..if you are a regular BDO credit card holder, you can apply for this separate virtual credit card which is designed exclusively for use in the internet. It's actually a supplementary card so the credit line falls within the limit of your regular BDO card. However, the good thing is that it has a different number assigned so your regular card number will be protected as well as your credit line.

Sample BDO Virtual Card

Well..the introduction of this BDO Virtual Credit Card just proves that online shopping is a common thing now and that most of the people now prefer to shop online not only because it's convenient but also because it saves you a great deal of time and effort. It also cuts down your incidental expenses like transportation fees and buying expensive meals when you go to shop at the malls. Also, most of the things being sold online comes on a cheaper price.

This idea from BDO is just timely. I guess! :)

What do you think?

Have A Great Week!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Every Juan's A Winner By Cebu Pacific!

Another irresistible offering from Cebu Pacific is on from now until August 01, 2011. They are offering 50% OFF on all domestic and international destinations for travels on September 01 to December 14, 2011. Half a million seats are up for grab at their 16 international destinations and 34 domestic destinations.

What are you waiting for? Log on to Cebu Pacific website for more details!

Have a lovely week end!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Streets of Saigon!

One thing that fascinates me in Saigon is the huge number of motorbikes that can be found on the road, side streets, parking area....everywhere!'s quite shocking for me to see that motorbikes outnumbered the cars, taxis and other form of public and private vehicles on the road. Philippines do have motorbikes on the road, but it can not be compared to Vietnam. I guess, nearly half of the population in Saigon have their own private motorcycles. This explains clearly why you can always find a great number of shops selling helmets. But I noticed that their helmets are concentrated more on fashion rather than it's safety features, and it comes on a cheap price, too. Do you know that it has always been a struggle for me to cross the street when I'm in Hoh Cih Min City? Really, I always get the scare of my life every time I'm on the road. Some motorbike drivers are careless and not following the road safety rules. If you will wait for them to stop and allow you to cross the street freely, then perhaps you will end up waiting the whole day! This is no exaggeration. That is how the busy streets in Saigon is. Sometimes, I'm waiting for some locals to cross the street and I go with them. They know the technique and I just follow them. :)

There are times, even you are already walking on the pedestrian lane, some motorbike drivers will still find their way to squeeze themselves there especially when it's traffic and they are in a hurry. Really, no discipline at all! If you are not alert, you may end up getting some minor accidents on the street. You have to be always on look out and alert when walking and crossing the streets. So, if you intend to visit Saigon, bear these things in mind.

But overall, it's just a matter of getting used to it. You just have to follow the necessary precautionary measures and everything will be fine, though. My two kids also were able to survive their short vacation here last summer and they just loved Saigon!

In fairness, it's nice to have a stroll on the busy streets of Saigon. You can see a lot of interesting buildings .....

They have so many parks and interesting places to visit and this will just keep you coming back for more. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Great Food Club Is Up For Another Cooking Demo Class!

My Great Food Club for which I've been a member for years now is up for another cooking demo class! This time they will be focusing on Korean dishes and sizzling dishes and sauces. What a treat! I've been wanting to attend a cooking demo class with them long time already but I seldom stay in the Philippines, and when I go back to take a vacation, it's either I'm busy with other things or they don't have a demo cooking class scheduled that time! :(

At any rate, for those Mom's who are in the Philippines now and loves to cook and learn new dishes, this cooking demo class is worth a try. I think they are also giving tips and pointers for those who love to engage in a food business.

Check it out!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thit Heo - Cotton Meat

Are you familiar with cotton meat? I guess you can avail of this from selected super markets or Duty Free shops. But, I only get to know about this one when I came here at Cambodia and when I begin buying my groceries here at the Vietnam Duty Free shop located at the Cambodia-Vietnam boarder. At first, I was curious when I saw this product on display at the food section of the supermarket. Out of curiosity, I bought a pack. When I get back to my place, I asked one local staff on what is this and how it should be eaten. Then she said, this is actually a cotton meat. This was made by boiling, drying and turning the chicken or pork meat into small flakes and seasoned with some ingredients to give it a quite salty taste. This can be taken together with rice or bread. I actually love it! I use to put in the bread as a filling or sometimes, when I feel lazy to cook, I eat it with steamed rice.

This is the exciting part of staying in another country. You get to try new things and on the process, you are learning.....:)

Just sharing!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Love Mangosteen Fruits!

It's surprising but I would admit, my first encounter with mangosteen fruits occurred in Cambodia when I first arrived here April of 2007. I guess mangosteen can also be found in other tropical countries and Philippines is just one of them but I don't know why I never encounter this fruit when I was still in the Philippines.'s the season for mangosteen again in Vietnam and since I am staying at the boarder, I can always get that chance to buy this fruit at a cheaper price. Currently, it's priced at $1 per kilo.

I used to buy this now around 3 x a week. I'm taking advantage of the cheap price as I know that the price will later increase. I really love it's taste. In fact, I considered it as one of the most delicious fruits around. It has a hard covering that comes in a dark purple color. Since, I'm always eating this every now and then, I get curious on what are the benefits of mangosteen and my readings led me to a discovery that this mangosteen fruit is packed with essential nutrients. It is a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex and also contains substantial amount of minerals like potassium, manganese and magnesium. This also has no saturated fats and cholesterol but rather rich in dietary fibers.

With it's cheap price when in season, it's delicious taste and nutritional benefits, who would not love to get indulge eating this fruit?

Friday, July 22, 2011

On Being A Coffee Drinker!

Do you like drinking coffee? I do! My day will never be complete without indulging into my favorite cup of cappucino or instant coffee. This is how I normally start my day. This is the reason why I always stock up 3 in 1 coffee mixes in my pantry cabinet. I love to try every new brand of coffee mixes in the market particularly in Vietnam which is considered to be the country who's signature product is coffee. They say, Vietnam offers the best coffee in Asia.

These 3 in 1 coffee mixes are my favorites!

I love these instant mixes of cappucinos. I guess it's a cheaper alternative rather than going to a coffee shop and it always ensures me that I would always have an available cup of coffee everytime I need it!

Lately, during my recent visit to the Duty Free Shop at the Vietnam Boarder, I discovered this new brand of coffee, "Passiona". This is a coffee especially made for women. It has collagen added on it.

Drinking coffee does not only keep you awake, it helps you get energized and it contains a lot of anti oxidants. The anti oxidants in coffee helps fight some toxic free radicals that causes some serious sickness like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. I normally consume 2 cups of coffee in a day and sometimes I can reach until 3 cups. But as I believe that everything should be consumed in moderation, I'm trying to limit myself into two cups a day. The rest of the day, I just switch to drinking any herbal tea. But since caffeine increases blood pressure, it would be better to take decaffeinated if you intend to take more than 2 cups a day. Study shows that the anti oxidants present in regular and decaffeinated coffees are just the same. During the process of decaffeination, only the caffeine is being removed but the 400 different chemicals adding to it's flavor and aroma remains intact.

Trying to weigh the pros and cons, I think the health benefits of drinking coffee is still more than it's disadvantages, not to mention that it helps to keep me awake when I want to finish some works and gets me energized with the whole day.

On top of it all, I just enjoyed sipping a cup of coffee while doing some works or just simply having a casual conversation with friends. :)

Happy week end everyone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nature Trip 05 - Captivating Views Of Nature At Damsen

There's nothing more relaxing than a stroll on a bright sunny day with captivating views of nature. The bright, clear, blue sky....the green plants and trees and the warm company of your loved ones will truly make a day! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Seat Sale From Cebu!

Another crazy seat sale from Cebu Pacific is awaiting those who loves traveling to the max! Yes...Cebu Pacific is offering seat sales from Cebu for P888. That is for travels from Cebu to Hongkong and Singapore! Offer is for travels from October 1 to November 30, 2011. Seat sales starts now until July 22.

However, I noticed that Cebu Pacific is now following Air Asia trend as far as the baggage allowances is concerned. Last time, all their lite and promo fares are inclusive of the 15 kgs check in baggage allowance and 5 kgs for the hand carry bag. But recently, I've noticed that they are giving the passengers an option to choose on pre paid baggage allowances and Lite Fares only includes hand carry bag without a check in baggage. So if you will check on the breakdown of the charges, you will find that in the end, you're not really paying the published rate.

Anyway, If you will sum up, flying by Cebu Pacific is still affordable compared to other commercial air lines. So, it would still be a better choice!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cambodia's Canadia Bank

Just came from a quick visit to Canadia Bank branch here in my place to avail of their "Money Gram" service facility. It's actually my 3rd time with Canadia Bank as I was using Western Union before for money transfers. I'm happy with the transfer rates that Canadia Bank is offering for "Money Gram" transactions. It's really a lot of savings if I will compare it to the previous charges applied by Western Union. Because of the current rates offered by Canadia Bank, Western Union was forced to revise their transfer charges. They have to compete with Canadia Bank or else they will lose most of their Filipino clients.

I'm also satisfied with the service, it's fast and reliable. Employees are courteous and well versed with their jobs and I did not encounter communication problems which I always experienced before.

They have standard rates applied for money transfers to the Philippines. But I tried to inquire if I can make split transactions to take advantage of the cheaper rates and I was allowed. I'm supposed to pay around $80 for one transaction with the amount that I transferred. But because, I split the transaction into two, I was only charged $45. So, I was able to save $35 in total. Not bad, huh?

This would be better rather than my initial plan of making a single transaction with Canadia and another single transaction at Western Union. Luckily that I asked the bank employee of my options. :)

I am considering to open an account with them and see how it works to my advantage. I also able to read a pamphlet while I'm waiting for my transaction to be completed and they are tied up with some establishments, mostly in Phnom Penh and other major towns in Cambodia and if you have an account with Canadia Bank, you will be entitled to some great discounts from all the member establishments. Sounds great! :)

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Surviving A Horrible Day!

I can't figure out exactly how I suffered from my migraine attack. It was a horrible day indeed. I was on bed the whole day, rolling, crying, praying. I can't eat anything, I just tried to eat a little bit as I am really getting very weak. I am vomiting and my stomach was continually upset. Well.. I haven't experience this anymore for years that's why the severity of the pain I had had caught me helpless. Today, I recovered a bit after long long hours of sleep. Actually this kind of sickness really requires a complete bed rest. I literally slept the whole day coz the only moment that I can be freed from the severe pain was when I'm sleeping. But my growling stomach made me awake as it's really empty. I tried my best to eat. I started with fruits as my stomach doesn't want to accept anything. Then I gradually increase my intake to a plain porridge. I just alternate it with fruits. Only this morning that I'm able to take rice but only a small portion. Maybe, I can continue to increase my food intake within the day. Because of this, I was forced to take an off from work. Oh well..after sharing my experience in this post, I don't want to recall again how my day went through. It was really horrible! I felt like want to bang my head against the wall because of too much pain. I hope and pray not to get the same experience again....

Anyway, in case anyone of you do, here are some pointers on how to deal with pain: A cold compress at the back of your neck and on your forehead helps, taking shower somehow reduces the pain, too. Have someone else massage your head and forehead, you can do it by yourself too, in case you're alone. Drink a hot herbal tea. Take some light foods and take some pain relievers like Dolfenal or Advil. The most important thing is take a complete bed rest. Sleep as long as you can. When you wake up, the pain will definitely be reduced. Eating fruits and taking fruit juices also help. Avoid bright lights. If possible make your room dark.

Now...I'm just completing my rest. I want to get fully recovered before I go back to work.

Have a happy week end!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Migraine Attack

Oh well...the day that's supposedly a busy day for me since I plan to do a lot of things today turned out to be a horrible day! :(

Late morning, I was attacked by a severe migraine. I was left with no choice but to stay on bed almost the whole day. I cannot even cook my own food. Just relied on what was available in my ref. This is the negative side of working away from home. You have to do a one man show all the time. I just missed being home especially when I'm sick. But...since I'm here, I must face my situation. I was never attacked by severe migraine for few years now that's why I was surprised getting it again now. It's quite hard coz it's really very painful. I just took a pain reliever which I never go without after taking some hot soup and just took a bed rest. I have to massage my head myself with my favorite balm until I get to sleep.

After a couple of hours sleeping, I felt a bit better but not a hundred per cent better same like what I'm hoping for as I still need to work today...actually tonight. I just have to finish my hot cup of Chinese Tea and hoping to be able to take a nap again. I took my second pain reliever already. Hope things will get better in a short while. Actually I'm quite familiar on how to treat myself when I'm having a migraine. I've got this for years now. This just requires a good rest, some pain relievers and just make sure I have eaten something before taking the meds. I massage my scalp and forehead with balm and then try to sleep.

Hope things will get better later.....


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On Getting A House Helper!

Just wondering if other mommies out there are also making a set of "house rules" for their house helpers. I do! After being a full time working Mom for so many years, I've been into a lot of good and bad experiences employing and dealing with house helpers. Some were good, some not so good, some were bad, some not so bad (lol). I've been through a lot and I would say that I'm learning quite well from my past experiences.

Now, I'm replacing my current house helper because previously she's getting out of our agreed rules and the moment I reminded her, she simply replied, I'll just leave! This is how tough house maids are getting now. Sometimes, they want to do their way and when you call their attention for this, they will threaten to leave you most especially if they knew that the situation in your house can't afford losing a helper. After hearing this remarks from her, I just said, that's fine, if you've decided to leave, then I cannot do anything about it. Just give me sometime to look for a suitable replacement.

Was just fortunate that we're able to find a suitable one that soon. So our current one need not wait for another two weeks. This time, I'm going to write down my "house rules" and discuss with the newly hired helper. My "house rules" covers the salary and benefits due to her, scheduled day off per week, daily routine tasks, weekly tasks and some simple do's and dont's inside the house. Since, I'm working away from home, I will just let someone discuss these things on my behalf, let her understand and agree if she does. Any comments or suggestions must be done at this stage and once finalized, these set of rules must be followed. I know most of the house helpers will be reluctant doing this, but if you can have them signed the "house rules", the better. Just make sure these were explained to them carefully. It has also been my practice to ask for a simple bio data with the information on the personal particulars of the person with her photo. If she can provide the names and contact numbers of the previous employers, so much the better. You can use these for background checking.

This I only do when I'm doing a direct hire. If I get the house helper from the agency, this is another story cause they will already provide you with all these papers. I've experienced getting house maid from agencies but I don't find it a good option. Aside from charging you a hefty amount for the agency fees, you also don't have the guarantee that you are getting a reliable one. I still prefer hiring direct from friend's referrals or just posting ads online.

I just hope that this one will turn out to be a better one.

Just sharing!

Another Surprising Treat From Cebu Pacific!

Was amazed with the recent seat sale at Cebu Pacific! They're having a "This is Eight" promo sale from July 12 to July 14 for travels on September 1 to October 31, 2011. They are having seat sale from Manila or Cebu to Hongkong or Singapore for P888 and from Clark to Hongkong or Singapore at P555. Amazing!

Would you believe? Some trips on local destinations are up for grab at P8 only? Yes, you heard it right....P8. These are trips from Cagayan De Oro, Ilo Ilo and Zamboanga to Tawi Tawi.

Well...not so surprising though, as Cebu Pacific is holding regular seat sales all throughout the year!

What are you waiting for?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Reflection!

It's a beautiful morning and I'm back with my morning reflections. Got stunned with this quote that I've read from Quote Garden.

"The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss." By : ~Thomas Carlyle

Well...what does this mean? From my personal analysis, I would say that living in this world is a combination of joys and sorrows. We are experiencing various situations in life which made us smile, laugh, cry, regret, get angry, depressed, stressed and so on....

Looking closely, we may blame everything and anything for bringing us pains and sorrows but what this quote is trying to send us is the simple message that what we suffered is not the one that counts most but it's the thing that we failed to experience. On a lighter side, it only boils into one thing, that is, "Do not get scare to try doing things you haven't done. What should you consider instead is avoiding the regret of failing to do something that you really want." Remember the famous line, "it's better to have been in love and get hurt rather than never having been in love at all". In this life, we do get hurt, we do experience failures, but what we should remember is that, the more things we experienced, the more emotions we felt....the more we have tasted life. It's the same thing like, "how would you know that the food is delicious, if you have not tried eating a bad one?"

Happy Monday everyone!

Remembering Betty Ford

One of the recent news that invaded the media was the death of the former first lady of the late US President Gerald Ford. Betty Ford has been known to be an important political figure in the history of US as she was known to have touched the lives of many through her endearing love and concern for those who, like her, had been a victim of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

It is not very easy for a known political figure to come out in the open and reveal her past as she will surely face criticisms from the public. You see, it has been a practice and perhaps, I would say that it is of "human nature" to have high expectations on a prominent figure as if this person is not liable to commit any sin whatsoever. In short, we expect public figures to be perfect where in fact, no one is.

But her choice of coming out in the open to reveal her past is a brave decision for Betty Ford. Her intentions are noble, her goals are admirable. She wanted to help the people to get away from addiction as she herself understands fully how this addiction can destroy a persons life.

She co founded an addiction center in California and has been very active in restoring lives of people. She was known to have a strong advocacy for women's rights and health.

Her life will be an inspiration to many and she will be remembered for her undying love and concern for people. I don't know much about her but hearing her stories form the news on TV made me look up to her as an important figure in the world history.

To the family and friends of Mrs. Betty Ford, she may be gone forever but her memories will always lingers on.

You can log on to to know more of her story.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Kind Of Mother Is Casey Anthony?

Photo credit :
Who is Casey Anthony? I was hooked into following the much celebrated case of Casey Anthony since I'm always tuned up to CNN everyday.

Casey Anthony was the 25 yrs old mother accused on the murder of a 2 yrs old Caylee Anthony who happens to be her own daughter. I was able to watch few episodes of her trial aired through CNN. At first, I was not really focusing my attention to this, until the time that I was watching one of the episodes and heard that the reason for the murder was Casey Anthony's desire for a free life. Where on earth could you find a mother who will kill her own daughter just to be free from any obligations whatsoever. Sounds strange, huh?

Oh well...too many stories were left untold, too many speculations were made, but the verdict of the jury created a shock to many....yes, Casey Anthony was acquitted from the murder case. Varied reactions were made by the raging public, but the jury has only one thing to say, "There is no enough evidence to prove the allegations". The findings presented by the prosecution during the course of the investigations establishing that Casey Anthony is a person of "bad character" and a "persistent liar" were not enough to get the jury's approval. One of the jurors commented during an interview that a person's "bad character" cannot be used as a sole basis that a person is capable of doing a murder. She added, that they themselves were not happy with their decision but they cannot simply decide on a case with the absence of solid evidence.

Oh well...this case really sounds interesting. I cannot imagine that while most of the mothers are willing to give their life for their children, there are still some who can cause the death of their own children.

If you want to learn more about this case, you can go to this link.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy With Blogging!

I couldn't believe it, I'm now on my 10th month in the blogosphere! I remembered to have started blogging since October of last year and from then, I would say that I was really hooked into it. I'm happy with blogging and this occupies much of my free time when I don't have work. The only difference is that, as compared to most bloggers, I am working full time, thus I can't give this a full concentration although I was trying my best to run it the best way that I could. I think "time management" is the key.

Looking back, I started to have interest in blogging when I stumbled upon the blog of one Filipina blogging in Phnom Penh. I guess her name is Lui. I was hooked into reading most of her posts and was entertained. I remembered posting a comment on her blog and sending her an email before to get pointers on how to start with my own blog and I was glad that she is willing to answer few of my questions. Since then, I discovered that there is a good way to share my thoughts and feelings as well as my life's experiences and that is through blogging. Here you can have an interaction with other bloggers and learned from their life experiences, as well.

As compared to before, I feel that I'm more occupied now and as a result, I have lesser time for worries and home sickness. Yup, I've found a good outlet in blogging. I was never as bored as before :). Because of this, I've started with my 2nd blog last April and I titled it "Home sweet Home". I love beautifying my humble home. I love gardening and other home related stuff so I thought of having a venue to interact with other people of the same interest. Besides, I just thought of having this as a personal record of my efforts to build a "better home".

Well..for now, I would say that I'm still at far compared to others who have been blogging for years now but I'm certain that in due time, I could also achieve the status of being a "well experienced blogger" and gain more friends online. I think, hard work and patience is the key and I'm sure I will get into where I want in due time. :)

Happy week end everyone! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Suoi Tien's Crocodile Farm

This is a late post from our Hoh Chi Min Trip:

Was amazed with Suoi Tien Theme Park's Crocodile Farm! This farm housed more than 1,500 species. The area is quite huge and you can really see a number of crocodiles all around the area. You just have to walk through an alley secured with steel fencing materials. You can also feed the crocodiles if you wish. They are offering this facility for the visitors but we did not avail since just the mere sight of the big crocodiles made us really feel scared already (lol). With only VND15K per person, you will be delighted with what you will see. I haven't seen such a large number of crocodiles in the Philippine zoos.

This is just one of the many attractions you can find inside Suoi Tien Theme Park. But, I would say that it's worth a visit! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Great Way to Organize Photos!

I was reading my favorite online magazine Female Network when I stumbled upon this lovely photo of mini posters and pics hang onto the wall. I find it so creative and artistic. This is what we call as "organizing your favorite stuff with a twist" :) Actually, it was made to organize those photos, post cards, posters and favorite articles, but it turned out to be an artistic wall decor, as well. I love organizing, that's why I have a number of articles about "ways to organize" on my other blog, "Home Sweet Home".

Thumbs up to Ms. Charmaine Baylon for coming up with such a unique idea.

I was an avid reader of Good Housekeeping for many years now and I really love their articles about home care.

Maybe I should try this one!

Just sharing!:)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just A Simple Day!

After running this blog for 9 months, I've decided to dress up my blog and give it a new look! I like this color combination! I love pinks and flowers. My daughter's favorite color is pink, as well ... so I guess this is what I want!

Thank You Diana of Customs Blogs for this cute design.

Would you believe? I slept long hours yesterday. I slept 12 hrs straight after I check out from work at 2 PM. If not for my growling stomach, perhaps I would have continued sleeping until the next day (lol).

My day was so simple. I was occupied dressing up my blog and doing some page updates. I also had the time to do some quick grocery shopping at the Duty Free. It's not really convenient to go to the Duty Free with the current system applied at the boarder coz they are requiring foreigners to have the passport stamped at the Immigration even they know that you would just make a quick turn to do some shopping. Well... I'm here in the Kingdom of Wonders, so I don't need to find an answer to my disappointments. I just have to live with it, I guess.

I don't have any choice coz the market here does not have a complete line of goods and stuff that I need, so I have to endure falling in line at the Immigration office. Anyway, I never go there every month. I'm craving for macaroni salad and spaghetti and I can only find the ingredients at the Duty Free. So no choice, right? :)

Oh well... I must learn how to adjust to my environment in order for me to survive (lol). That's life! :)

So now, I am ready to welcome another week! Hope it will turn out to be a good one!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Seats A Small World Sale" From Cebu Pacific

For the nth time, Philippines well known carrier Cebu Pacific is offering an irresistible "seat sale" until July 4, 2011. I was amazed at how low was the seat sale price. Imagine trips from Clark to Bangkok at P1,988 and Manila to Hoh Chi Min and Brunei at P999? This is for travel from August 1 to September 30, 2011.

Cebu Pacific has always been the answer for those who love to travel on a budget. The huge savings that you can get from flying through Cebu Pacific can be used for your hotel accommodations and food expenses or for your shopping. Sounds great, isn't it?

I just remembered our recent trip to Hoh Chi Min City. It only costs me a little bit over than $300 on round trip tickets for 3 persons. I was able to grab "promo seats" so I'm able to get a lot of savings.

Now going to your dream destinations will never remain a dream! :)

I'm looking forward for more trips with Cebu Pacific.

Nature Trip 04 - Relaxing Views Of Nature

If there's one thing that I really enjoyed, this is appreciating the beauty of nature. With all those greens, rocks, calm waters...who will not find peace in themselves? Everytime I see the beauty of nature, I always feel blessed that I have the eyes to see and appreciate God's gifts.

How about you? What inspires you? :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Missing My Daughter!

It's been 3 days already that I'm not receiving any text messages from my daughter. She used to text me everyday but I'm a bit bored not getting text from her lately. Her kuya informed me that Mikz sim card is having some problems. It cannot receive nor send text. So my daughter is looking at changing her sim card. I hope she could do it soon as I'm terribly missing her.

To ease my sadness, I just content myself browsing through her pics in my photo archive. Her funny pics were enough to make me smile. It's because I'm able to recall those moments that we were together last summer for our vacation. She was really so "makulit" and these photos will speak for itself.

Hoping that I could hear from her soon. :)

What to Look for in a Home Caregiver

If you have a loved one who needs constant care, then you likely understand the important role that an at-home caregiver plays in their lif...