Friday, June 24, 2011

Typhoon In The Philippines!

I've been constantly following the news from CNN particularly the weather update as I'm totally aware that Philippines was again hit by strong typhoons, one after the other. I've been hearing news from my kids that our hometown was also affected as classes had been suspended for a couple of days already on all levels. in situations like this, I cannot help but to worry. My house is situated in the village which is a flood prone area and although I'm quite confident that my house is completely secured, I can't help but to worry. If those streets outside our house were flooded, it would be difficult for the kids to go to school and attend to some errands like buying stuff for the house, etc.

I just wish that situation will improve by tomorrow. Also because of this typhoon, we might lose our dear pet, "Kafi" whom I heard is currently very sick. My daughter was so sad when she told me that her favorite pet is getting weaker and weaker as this had not eaten anything for the past 3 days. I just hope that "Kafi" will survive from this sickness. I'm sure my daughter will be very sad if she would lose her pet again. Hopefully not!

Well...I just hope and pray that the typhoon will leave the country soon and our "Kafi" gets well, too. I just hope better things will come up to welcome the week end.

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