Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trying New Facial Masks!

It was a long fine day! Today, I was able to have 12 hrs of sleep (lol). I did try to recover from the past days that I'm not able to have enough sleep. After I wake up, I took a light meal and coffee and do my usual facial which I normally do every other week. I'm not so rigid with this but I'm also thinking that women really need to take care of their skin. As what the saying goes, "you cannot stop yourself from getting old but you can delay the signs of aging." (lol!)

Kidding aside, I really believe in this. We really can delay the signs of aging and one important step is to take care of our skin. I'm not so particular about which brand to use and oftentimes, I just make use of what is available. If I don't have the facial masks and other facial cleansing creams at home, then I make use of the natural ones like fruits, olive oil, oatmeal, sea salt, lemons, etc. I just make my own mixture based from the recipes that I got from online researches. We have to be flexible, at times, right? :)

But this time, I tried the new facial mask that I bought from our recent trip to Saigon. These facial masks are so affordable and the ingredients are mostly the natural ones. I just bought 3 varieties. I'm not sure if it's compatible with my skin so I need to try first.

Before I apply this mask, I exfoliate first using milk salt. Facial mask was on for about 30 minutes, thereafter, I rinse my face with warm water and cleanse using PONDS facial foam. My last step would be the moisturizer.

That's it! I'm done with my routine facial! It's a good thing to take care of ourselves and our skin once in a while. It's a great feeling!


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