Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's Morning Reflection!

Time flies so fast! I'm still having some good thoughts about my recent vacation to the Philippines and at Hoh Chih Min City with the kids and before I knew it, one day more and it's going to be July!

We have to face another month of life's challenges and hopes for a better future! With this in mind, I would just like to share an inspiring quote:

"God has made life so good that even if we don't enumerate all that we need everyday, we realize that He continues to give what's best for us!"

In my case, it's very true! For the past one and a half month since I came back to my work here, so many things had already happened! Some days are good, some days are bad. Some moments I'm feeling high, some moments I'm feeling so low. I guess, it's normal! This is what life is all about. When God gave us this life, He never promised a smooth road all the way but He did promise to be around when we need Him for guidance. I'm also thinking if our life is all the way smooth, then there wouldn't be challenges and lessons learned. So probably, this is really how life was made.....colorful! :)

I guess...we just have to be ready to face whatever consequences that we're going to have each day of our lives. We just have to grab any possible opportunity that would make us happy even if it's so simple and plain. Guess what? Same what i did yesterday! I asked one local staff in our company to buy me a pot of flowering plant in the market. I wanted to have a touch of "nature" inside my room. You see, most days I'm staying inside my room only, so most of the time I missed seeing nature. So I just thought of...why don't I bring nature inside my room? It's possible and not so difficult, so why not? If this would give me a happy feeling, then by all means! I'm happy to see plants, flowers and every part of nature. So I guess, this is my alternative in case of I cannot find a time to go out of my room. So there you go, I just had a pot of purple orchids which I placed on the table beside my bed. So when I woke up this morning, the first thing that I saw was my orchids! It's cool! Better than seeing a piece of bare table everyday!

I'm sharing this not for anything else, but just to show that we should never postpone happiness! After all, our years on earth is numbered, so we should have to make the most of our years..... happy, contented and at peace!

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for the visit!


  1. It is certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thanks for it..

  2. I agree with you sis...thanks for this thought.

  3. Hi Kat! You're welcome! Glad to have you here! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi DW! Glad that u liked the post! Thanks for the visit!


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