Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back To School!

June 13 marks the beginning of school year in the Philippines and just like any other kids, my two students in the house are both excited to go back to school. In fact, reading their emails and text messages to me, I cannot count exactly how many times they mention that they are fitting their new school uniforms. :)

In fact, since they were back to Philippines from their vacation at Hoh Chi Min last summer, They straight away bought all their school supplies and books. I'm so glad that both of them turned out to be disciplined and responsible children. I didn't remember any moment that they had given me any serious problem while I'm away for work. Though we're miles apart, they remained to be as disciplined and behaved as before when I'm staying with them in the Philippines. Nothing has changed and in fact, if there's something that changed, it's for the better. Why is that so? Because I could feel now that they become more independent compared to last time that they always relied on me for everything. I'm so glad that what most people say that children who are apart from their parents (their Dad is also an OFW), will turn out to be rebellious and delinquent did not seem to be true in our case. In fact, some of my colleagues who have either parent staying with their children were complaining how much stress and head ache they've been getting from their children especially those who are approaching the teenage years. Lucky enough, my case is totally different. My kids are still delivering me good grades in school and despite the fact that I'm giving them a hefty amount for their school allowance, they were never tempted to engage themselves on lavish spending with their friends. In fact, their savings account are continually growing from their own efforts.

Well, they never miss me that much though :)...because I always go back to visit them. Around 3 times a year and last Summer, I started to tag them along for a short vacation here. That is on top of our daily emails, texting and some online chatting. Well...if you really wanted to keep in touch, there's a lot of ways to do it.

As a parent, it's great to be blessed with such wonderful children! They are not only God's gift to me but my inspiration. It doesn't only makes me feel proud to have them but it makes me feel contented knowing that somehow, I was able to do my role as a mother. I know that I'm not perfect, as nobody is, but at least deep inside, I know I have done my best!

Enough to make me SMILE :)

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