Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soup On The Streets.... Vietnam Style!

I am just thinking and wondering if this kind of sight would be applicable in Philippines :). In Vietnam, this is very common! Soup and coffee vendors are almost on every corner of the streets. If Filipinos are very fond of selling "palamig" or "sago't gulaman", whatever way you want to call it, Vietnamese on the contrary, love to sell "iced coffee". And while Filipinos love to sell "banana-Q" and "goto", for the Vietnamese, PHO or noodle soup is such a hit! Whether it's rainy season or dry season, selling noodle soup on side streets will always be a part of the Vietnam culture.

For the locals, this is a cheaper way to gather, talk and relax. I've tried this several times. I just loved their soup but I like iced coffee more. If I have the chance, I would love to learn some of their delicious snacks cooked in their own unique style.

I'm actually scouting for a Vietnamese cooking class and would definitely be happy to have one in the near future :).

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Krizza!Thanks so much for the visit last time. I'm just wondering if you've been to Cu Chi tunnel. I'm thinking of visiting that when we visit Vietnam in the near future. I'm also dying to see Angkorwat in Siem Reap. Do you have public transport from Vietnam to Siem Reap? More power to you!
    Have a good day!

  2. Hi Kaye! It's my pleasure to have you back here!We're supposed to visit Cuchi tunnel on our last Saigon tour but because of time constraints, we're unable to. Yes, there is a public transport going to Siem Reap from Hoh Chih Min. I can provide with all the details just in case you really want to go. Just contact me anytime! :) God Bless!!

  3. I like Vietnamese Beef Pho! It's one of the best dishes of Vietnam.

  4. Yes Sis, I agree! Nothing can be compared to Vietnamese Beef Pho. It's a must meal that anyone should try when visiting Vietnam.


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