Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well...recently, I cannot find the mood to blog about anything. I used to experience this the last time. When I feel like blogging, I really blog everyday but when this "mood" strikes me, I just felt like I cannot find anything to talk about. Maybe I just needed a break for few days. I guess we have to relax sometimes.

And get that much needed break, I just concentrate on watching a Korean Tele novela titled, "Shining Inheritance". I was hooked with the story that I never stopped watching this for almost a week until I finally completed it. Well... I just finished the entire series last night. Because of this, I slept at around 4 AM already :)'s worth it! The story is very interesting and you could get "real life's lessons". This is the first DVD that I watch since I get back to Cambodia on 20th last month. Hmmm...I still have more to go as I bought several during my vacation in the Philippines last April.

I'm already excited to start with the second one (lol)!

Happy week end!!

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