Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rain .... Rain Go Away!

Oh's raining quite hard here in my place. I was planning to go to the market to buy some breads and some toiletries late in the afternoon as I wanted to take a nap after work. Hmmm...I just had 4 hrs of sleep and I really feel sleepy. I took a nap then and I was awakened by the sound of the strong rain. I woke up because of the sound of the water splattered through the glass window of my room.

Because of this, my plan was shelved. I need to stay in the room. I just cooked a light dinner and had some Chinese tea after. I wanted to chat with my kids through SKYPE but they informed me that the internet connection in our house is not working properly and they cannot connect. So, I was left with no choice but to just watch my second Korean Tele Novela titled, "Alone In Love". I'm doing this while I'm surfing the internet. I don't know but I was just used to multi tasking. I'm not contented doing only a single thing at a time. For me, time is gold. I wanted to do and accomplish more things.

This is how I normally spend my free time which is not so free (lol)!!

Tomorrow...I really have to go to market, so please rain ... rain, go away! :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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