Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nature Trip 03 - Lotus Plants

Amazing sight of lotus plants floating in the mud of shallow ponds of Dam Sen Theme Park at HCMC! I've seen a lot of Lotus plants here in Cambodia and in Vietnam. I remembered the first time I cross the river through a ferry on my way to Phnom Penh from Svay Rieng province, I've seen a lot of lotus flowers and seeds being sold on side streets. Lotus seeds are known as the longest viable seeds and these are being eaten in Cambodia. The first time I saw it, I never knew it was lotus. The flowers of lotus are wide and attractive. It has lots of petals and mostly pink in color. In some countries like India, both the leaves and stems can be eaten. I also happened to buy some lotus tea bags at Hoh Chih Min. I guess Lotus plants are sacred in Buddhist religions as these are mostly a part of their arts and culture.


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