Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Own Version Of Maja Blanca!

Today, I want to get away a bit from my normal routine of watching DVD and surfing online after work. So, I've checked on my pantry cabinet and found these:

So, I've decided to cook Maja Blanca. I'm also thinking that I will be on night shift already so having a readily available food from my ref would be a great idea. You see, I normally starve to death the moment I wake up and I should be having a little something to fill my stomach while I'm preparing for my "actual meal" :).

This is my own version of Maja Blanca. I never use coconut milk, instead I use only milk. It's a combination of condensed and evaporated milk or sterilized milk. Sometimes, I also use fresh milk, whatever is available in my cup board.

I also use cream style corn instead of kernel corn. For toppings, instead of "latik", I use cheese. This time I don't have the cheddar cheese, what I have is the soft cheese which is Vietnam made. It's quite soft so I wasn't able to shred the cheese to give a more appealing look. At any rate, it doesn't affect the taste. I also never measure the ingredients, I do it by estimation. Luckily, my estimation never failed me.

Actually, any style will do, it depends on your preference and what you're comfortable with. But I'm sure that Maja Blanca will always be yummy in whatever way it was cooked.

I love to have this with my favorite cup of coffee. :)


  1. Hi Krizza, thanks a lot for vsiting on my birthday. I'd love some of that MB!

  2. Ginutom ako mama. :) Tagal ko na di nakakakain nyan. :) Whahaha

  3. Thanks for visiting chubskulit! Yeah! Probably you're missing Filipino foods a lot!


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