Monday, June 6, 2011

Yummy Pancit Malabon

I'm thinking now of the ways and means to cook the Filipino foods that I truly missed. You see, some of the ingredients are not available in Cambodia and considering that I am not In Phnom Penh... so places to shop your needs is very limited. It's only fortunate that we have the Duty Free Shop at the Cambodia - Vietnam boarder so at least, we have an alternative. But what I like to cook is the traditional "Pancit Malabon".

Photo below is the "pancit malabon" that I cooked in the Philippines during my vacation. The problem is I cannot find the appropriate noodles for this and also I love to mix "tinapa flakes" in my own recipe but where can I get tinapa here? (lol). I think almost half of the ingredients are not available here in my place. So, I'm just wondering if any of the Filipino expats had already tried cooking this "pancit malabon" here. If there is any, please let me know :)

I know there is a way to cook this but I'm very particular with the noodles. I don't want to use bihon noodles. Maybe next time, I should bring the noodles from the Philippines, so in case that I crave for this food, at least I can satisfy my craving.

Pancit Malabon is really yummy! But for now, I have to endure. Hmmm...maybe I will just make some salads instead. :)

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