Monday, June 6, 2011

I Love this Dog House!

I've mentioned on my previous posts how my daughter Mikz is very fond of dogs. She really loves dogs. In fact, during our recent trip to Hoh Chih Min, she insisted to buy some dog shampoos and dog foods for her little "Kafi", even my son opposed so much as they are already having a lot of stuff to bring home. But she still won! She was able to bring home the said stuff which she claimed to be her "pasalubong" to her puppy (lol).

She had also been expressing her desire to own a shitzu puppy since last year and she's so persistent about it which I always reply, "later...anak".
Seriously, I'm delaying this not only because it's quite expensive to buy one, but also maintaining that dog is quite an arduous task. The grooming accessories and foods are also expensive. Another consideration is the place where to put that puppy.

I'm a person who loves to tidy the house and I just cannot imagine having a dog roaming around the house. But this kind of pet cannot be also placed outside the yard as this must always be clean at all times.

The solution? There should be an appropriate dog house for this kind of pet which can be situated somewhere in the house or perhaps in the dirty kitchen. That's why I feel delighted after seeing this dog house online. It's cute and stylish! The price? It's regular price is $169 but the sale price is $121 (free shipping). Not bad as I also have one fabricated before for our other pet, Luca which I also spend around $100. This is available at

Don't you think it's lovely?

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