Friday, June 3, 2011

Hong Vy Hotel And The Agoda Booking!

On our recent trip to Hoh Chi Minh City, I booked our hotel through Agoda. I've chosen Hong Vy Hotel located at the Central District near the Ben Thanh Market. Well...the deals at Agoda were good. You will get points which can be converted to the equivalent amount in USD which can be use to pay for your next booking with them. Since our flight was late at night...actually considered early morning already, I felt that there is really a need to have an advance booking and the best way to do it is online.

I had some unfavorable experiences, though. I was surprised at the time that we checked in that there's no room available for us and looks like the staff at the reception never expects us. To my dismay we were put in a smaller room which I rightfully rejected. I complained non stop and even called the Hotel Manager late at night. Because of that, they were forced to find and prepare another room for us. We were asked to transfer to a better room on the 3rd day only to find out after we transferred all our things that AC is not functioning well. As usual, I complained and we were put into another room, a better and bigger room but too late.

The only good thing about this hotel was that they "make up" the room everyday and change the linens and towels daily. The hotel is also ideally located, near to most major attractions in the city. Most of the places to visit are walking distance from the hotel. There was also a laundry shop about two blocks away so we've saved a lot on our laundry compared to having this done through the hotel. But I really hate it when the reception staff on night shift cannot speak English well and it's very hard to communicate with him your requests. They had a good internet connection though and wifi can be availed free of charge.

Our stay in this hotel was a mixture of "bad and good" experiences. I guess, specifying your "special requests" to the hotel through the Agoda proved to be useless as I didn't get any until I was the one who request this personally the moment I get into the hotel. I hope Agoda can take note of this complaint and correct this next time as I've actually made up my mind that I will be booking through them on my future trips.

Well...I'm not totally disappointed but maybe I'll be more careful next time in choosing the hotel through Agoda.

Just sharing! :)

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  1. hey that's too bad krizza. and mas nakakainis coz late night pa ang dating nyo. i always book at agoda too coz they have better deals although i stick to just hong thien loc hotel or mai gia huy. so far no bad experiences yet..hehe..


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