Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get Well Soon Mom!

A couple of days ago, my Mom was brought back to her Ortho to remove her arm cast. This arm cast was on for about three weeks and I knew exactly how much she is suffering because of this. She can't hardly move around the house and cannot do her daily routine. My daughter Mikz had to bathe her at times, when needed.

Now, her arm cast was already removed and she's just waiting for her full recovery at home. She still cannot close and open her right hand freely same like before and doctor advised her to do some hand exercises using a "stress ball".

I just hope that everything will get back to normal soon. I am praying for this.

This is the wooden rosary that I bought in front of Notre Dame Cathedral when we visited there last May.

I always hold this every night until I fall asleep with a sincere prayer that everything will turn out well for my Mom, soon.

Get well soon, Mom!

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