Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Day Jitters!

I made a quick phone call to my kids before checking in for work, asking them how is their feeling now that they will finally be back to school. My son said he's fine but just feeling a little bit excited. I had a good laugh with how my daughter replied me. She said, she's so nervous, excited and cannot sleep (lol).

Well...that's what we call "first day jitters". There are actually so many factors why students get this kind of feeling on the first day of school. Just the mere thought of meeting new friends, classmates and teachers, attending the flag ceremony every morning, going to a new classroom, having new schedule and daily routine, eating lunch with friends, cramming with school projects and the head breaking reviews and doing homework is more than enough to make you sigh. But apart from these things, the good side of it is the excitement of wearing new school uniforms, new shoes, bringing new bags, sporting a new hair style and all those bits and pieces of being a student. Meeting new friends is a good experience and getting re acquainted with some old classmates is overwhelming. This is a part of growing up and maturing and a good sign of entering a normal teenage life.

Well..I'm sure that my daughter is already excited to bring her "pasalubong" and distribute to her friends which she bought from her trip to Hoh Chih Min last month. I'm pretty sure that I will hear a lot of stories tomorrow after she gets back home from school. I'm equally excited to hear how she was during the "first day" in school. After all, I'm her best buddy!

So...with this I just want to wish both of them Good Luck!
Enjoy the first day of school! It's a good feeling that you shouldn't miss! :)

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  1. Nakakatawa naman to mama. Pati to napost dito. haha. Sikat nanaman si Mika. HAHHA :)


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