Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day After The Storm!

Oh well....I was able to breathe properly after hearing from my daughter in the Philippines that raining already subsides. Well..there's still occasional rains but not as strong as the previous days. But our pet "Kafi" is still sick. My daughter had decided to bring her to the Veterinarian tomorrow for the necessary treatment.

I am actually feeling low today, having head ache and not enough sleep as I jump to afternoon shift. After work, as usual, I spent sometime watching a Korean series on my DVD. But of course, blogging will never be neglected.

Feeling a bit hungry as I skipped dinner at work, I've decided to cook some soup as this would be the fastest to prepare at this hour.

Well...this has been my life as an OFW, I have to take care of all my personal needs. Luckily, I discovered blogging. This has been a great outlet for me to entertain myself and to meet some online friends. The truth is, I always resort to blogging whenever I'm feeling blue. It' such a relief knowing that you have the whole world to listen when things aren't going your way. :)

Now...I'm feeling better knowing that the storm is over and my kids will get back to their usual routine after the week end. It's great to know that your family and loved ones are always safe and comfortable. This will somehow relieved you from all the stress.

All is well that ends well!

Happy Sunday!!

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