Friday, June 17, 2011

All In One Desk Top PC!

Today, I jumped to morning shift, thus having only about more than 4 hours of sleep. I've been sleeping late the past few days and now that I'm able to take a nap after work is such a relief.

Feeling lazy today and don't know exactly what I have to take for dinner so ended up with a plate of spaghetti and a piece of baguette. (lol)

I've been busy lately scouting for a PC to replace the laptop in my house which according to my kids was already beyond repair after it's screen was totally down. My son told me that the computer technician advised them not to use laptop in the house anymore and switched to desk top since they are heavy computer users and a laptop cannot withstand long hours of use. So my son now is urging me to get a desk top instead of laptop. But the problem is I no longer welcome the idea of having a desk top with all those space consuming peripherals.

So I begin to search for some new designs which are more light and compact. My online search led me to this "all in one desktop" from Villman Computer Center, a Lenovo C200.

It's actually an "all in one desktop". The tower, speakers, screen, web camera, microphone, and even the DVD player are all integrated into a one compact unit. Just ideal for my requirement!

But I'm also eyeing for this one:

These two are both all in one desk top but the second one has better specifications. Actually the price difference is only Php3,000.

Hmmm...well, I have to think first. Better be sure before spending money. I don't want to end up regretting!

Any suggestion?

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  1. actually, yan na ang uso talaga, 'cause i remember ganyan ang binili kong computer for our church in Toronto about two or three years ago pa nga. touch screen, wireless keyboard/mouse, all-in-one desktop - i chose the HP brand. tempted nga din ako bumili ng ganyan, pero like you, yoko naman din manghinayang, di ba? i think the only downside of that is kung may masira na hardware, you may have to replace the whole pc or baka mas complicated ang repair, unlike yung old style na hiwa-hiwalay, example kung masira ang speaker or ang monitor, pwede ka lang bumili ng separate hardware ;) pero i haven't heard pa naman na nagkaproblema yung ganyan sa church namin, so i think durable din naman ;)


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