Friday, May 13, 2011

Watching THOR 3D At Mega Star Cineplex!

After having our lunch at Monaco and a stroll at the mall, off we went to see a 3D movie at Mega Star Cineplex. Kids wanted to see "Rio" but I wanted them to try a 3D movie at Cineplex so I insisted to watch THOR. At first, they were hesitant but later on, they commented that it was indeed a good film! With all the nice "effects", good story and non stop action, the film was such a delight and really entertaining. Of course, not to mention a good cinema to watch it. I think Mega Star Cineplex is the best in Hoh Chi Minh City. Foreigners used to watch here because it's really a cozy and a very comfortable place to enjoy your favorite movie but you would also be surprised to find a lot of locals here. I did not regret bringing them here as they truly enjoyed the movie and the place, as a whole.

In the lobby, there's a plenty of couches to sit and relax while waiting for the scheduled showing of your chosen movie. There is also the "Highlands Coffee" where you can enjoy a sip of a fresh cappucino with your favorite slice of cake.

From the top near the glass window, you can also enjoy a good view of the city over your cup of coffee :)

Overall, it was fun! I was so glad to see how both of them enjoyed the day at Mega Star Cineplex!!

In case you want to visit here, you can choose between the two locations available, the one near Tan So Nhat and the one at Huong Vuong Plaza.

Have a Great Day!

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