Friday, May 20, 2011

A Visit To Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

On our 4th day at Saigon, we went to one of the most visited places at District 1, The "Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden".

At first, I was thinking that it must be just a small zoo with a garden, I mean just the basic one since it is located within the heart of the city. But I was wrong! It's quite huge...walking around the entire place had caused me to have some muscle pains (lol)!

The botanical garden housed so many varieties of bonsai trees. Every part of the place was landscaped perfectly.

What excites us most is the white tiger. According to kids they haven't seen a white tiger yet from their numerous school field trips in the Philippines. Hmmm.... I've joined their field trips in the school few times already and I also haven't encountered a white tiger yet. Maybe in other parts of the Philippines because we often visit Metro Manila areas only.

The white tiger is really cute and seems like it is intentionally posing for a picture :) Mikz was so amazed and even video shoot the white tiger as it keeps on walking back and forth through the glass window.

I guess this place is also popular to locals as we have seen a lot of locals there and this maybe a favorite hang out of students as there are plenty of open spaces to gather around, talk and have some snacks.

We haven't seen all the featured animals in the zoo as the place closes at 6PM and we arrived there at around past 3PM already. Edmar and Mika seemed like don't want to go out yet but there was already a zoo guard who's checking the area and asking visitors to leave the place. So, we just left!

It was a lovely day at the zoo!!

Entrance ticket is quite cheap at VND12K (around $0.50 or Php25). This place is just a short distance to the Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post office but if you're not really into walking, you can go there by TAXI from your hotel for only $1 if you're staying at the Central District.

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