Monday, May 23, 2011

A Visit to the Famous Ben Thanh Night Market At Hoh Chi Min City!

Tourists visiting Hoh Chi Min City would certainly pay a visit to the Ben Thanh Night Market. Actually the goods being sold here and at the Day Market are basically the same except that maybe you can get the goods here on a lesser price. The secret here is to haggle as they normally offer a 100% mark up on the real price of the good, same as what we did to the seller on the photo. We haggle much with her and she commented that we are "smart buyers"(lol).

On one area, you can also find a row of restaurants built in an instant. We tried to eat on one of the restaurants... the Quan An:

We ordered grilled fish, shells cooked with tamarind sauce, and a dish which resembles the Philippines "Beef Steak Tagalog".

The taste of the foods are okay, we almost finished all but for me, a good dinner should be comprised of good foods, good ambiance, good service, relaxing environment where you can enjoy with your drinks and foods while having a good conversation with your family, colleagues or friends.

If you agree with me on this point, then I would say that dining in at Ben Thanh Night Market is not a good option for you. I wonder why so many people, locals and tourists patronize these eateries and restaurants. It's always crowded every time I go here. Hmmm... the selection for the foods is fine, it's complete and their best sellers are mostly the sea foods. But would you feel relaxed when you are very hungry already and it takes years for your foods to come? Oh well..I'm exaggerating it but really, the dish comes one by one and never serve the rice until you ask them. To my dismay, we ordered 3 rice and they give it to us one by one :( Not only that, will you enjoy the food when you witness a group of Europeans quarreling with the people running the restaurant because they waited for their foods more than an hour? You have to ask for everything that you need and before they bring it to you, you have to follow up more than 3 times.

Oh...and the best part is when you check your bill, so many hidden charges. We ordered coconut juice in it's shell and they charged us VND30K (around $1.5 or PHP66.00 ) where you can actually get it for less than a dollar in a decent restaurant.'s not in the menu and I presumed that the price is just the same with the other better restaurants within the area. Next? the wet towels that they served you. They will never offer tissues and give you wet towels instead wrapped and sealed in a plastic. These small towels were actually re used towels and for using this, they will charge you VND10K per piece which is far far more expensive than the actual price of a brand new towel. Tsskk.....always taking advantage on the innocence of tourists.

As expected, I never had a good experience despite the good foods. I would not recommend this place. There's so many decent restaurants around with good facilities and good ambiance for a lesser price. Why would I settle for anything less?? Well...charged this to experience and you'll get a lot wiser next time... (lol)...

Thanks for visiting!!

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