Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank You Mom!

Few days ago, my mom was confined to the hospital for a minor operation. She slipped off the kitchen floor few weeks ago and had "displaced bones" on her right hand. She can't hardly move her right arm after that incident and her hand was totally swollen. That time, she was hesitant to see a doctor so we've decided that she would be placed "under observation". We were constantly monitoring her while we were on our Saigon trip. After knowing that her condition never improved, I decided that she should be brought to the hospital right away for an "x-ray". I was back to work then so I have to coordinate everything through the phone. True enough, the doctor immediately recommended that she has to undergo an operation after seeing the result of her "x-ray". She's okay now and having some rest at home. She has to be back to see her ORTHO next month for a follow up check up. I wish that everything would be okay, then.

In moments like this, we have to be strong. She's quite old and cannot afford to have accidents like this but thanks God that she's partially recovered now and hopefully...will fully recover soon.

I'm happy to say that my kids, at such a very young age had grown up to be responsible and smart children. They have coordinated everything almost perfectly with the assistance from my siblings. I'm happy to see how they love their "lola", who at one point in her life had also taken good care of them..and I believe until now, despite getting old and weak is still looking after them. She would often lament to me that she only wanted to live longer because of the kids. She said she still wanted to see them grow up and lead a life of their own...if God will permit.

For this, I would like to thank you Mom! For raising me and my kids and for loving us wholeheartedly...

I will forever treasure this gently, fondly in my heart!!

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