Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet and Lovely Cakes!!

On our visit at Diamond Plaza at District 1 Hoh Chi Minh City, my son got fascinated with the lovely cake designs that we found on the bakeshop located at the food court, to the point that he can't help but to take some photos of the cakes. Maybe he was hoping that I could copy the design later when I already became an expert (lol)...but that would be ages before that thing happens :) Right now, I'm still on zero point (lol)...

Kidding aside, I actually wanted to have a taste of the cake but they don't sell sliced cake, you must buy the whole cake which is not appropriate as we can't definitely finish it. The cake design is awesome...just not sure about the taste.

But watching the cake alone made me feel full...(lol). Hopefully, I can make some someday.

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