Sunday, May 29, 2011

Suoi Tien Amusement Park in Vietnam - A Must See!

A visit to the famous Suoi Tien Amusement Park in Saigon was included in my itinerary and for sure that I wouldn't let pass this trip without bringing my kids there for a visit. My son and daughter both love picture taking so much and there will be no better way to delight them than bringing them to a place full of nice views and good scenery.

This 45 hectares theme park maybe different from the rest of the theme parks in Asia as this showcase more of the history as well as the legends of Vietnam. Inside you can find so many attractions such as water park, rides, zoo, gardens, crocodile farm, dinosaur garden, bumper cars, air bicycles, laser zone, a number of haunted houses, 4D theater and a simple underground aquarium. There is also a part of the theme park where you can see a display of strange things such as animals with two heads, a cow with 6 feet, etc. that were actually preserved for the exhibit.

Lots and lots of colorful giant sculptures can be seen all over the place. You cannot help but admire how these giant sculptures of dragons and Buddha statues were made. I would say that Suoi Tien is more of an amusement and a cultural theme park rather than a modern day theme park.

There are lots of attractions on this theme park that kids and "young at heart" will surely love. Kids can have a boat ride at the Pavilion, do air bicycle, visit the laser zone, and a lot more.

The crocodile farm is worth a visit and you'll be amazed by what you're going to see here.

Overall, Suoi Tien Theme Park is still considered a must see in Vietnam. It's structures were done on a huge scale and definitely worth a visit. Although, it cannot compete with the modern day theme parks around Asia, Vietnam's legend and history were carefully crafted into a one fine amusement park that will make you appreciate the country, it's history and it's culture!

For those who want to visit, the theme park is located at District 9 of Hoh Chi Minh about less than an hour ride by taxi from the city proper. You can also choose to take a bus for a much cheaper option. Just catch Bus 19 at the Bus Station opposite the Ben Thanh Market for only VND4K per person.

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