Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Simple Mother's Day Celebration!

Last Sunday, I was overwhelmed with how my kids surprised me for Mother's Day. They ordered a cake online and it was delivered late afternoon just in time for our early dinner. We just had spaghetti, sandwiches and the cake that they bought for me. Not only that, they prepared themselves a bouquet of roses....They picked it from our garden actually but it's okay..at least our garden had contributed something to surprise me (lol)...

After dinner, my daughter Mikz presented the short power point presentation featuring me, of course...complete with music and caption. I guess..they both had a unique way of pampering me on my very special day.... Not only that, both of them had treated me to a relaxing massage before bedtime.

Hmm...I just thought...it's nice to be a Mom especially when you are surrounded with nice and sweet children. That's my consolation for all my hard work!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the blogging mommies out there!

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