Monday, May 30, 2011

A Scrumptious Lunch At The Barbecue Garden!

During our last day at Saigon, we had our lunch at Barbecue Garden at District 1. I'd been wanting to bring them here since day two but we were not lucky to find the place on our first few attempts. But this time, since it was our last day, I told the kids that we really have to find the place. Why not? I've been reading a lot of good reviews about this restaurant which is popular for both locals and tourists alike. So, I told myself that we should really give it a try.

Finding the place is not that easy, but after some tiring walk, numerous
inquiries from the local Vietnamese along the side streets and frequent checking with the map that we got from the Post Office, at last, we were able to find the place.

I'm glad to say that after trying so many restaurants in Saigon, I finally heard a good remarks from my daughter. She said that we should have visited this restaurant since we arrived at Vietnam so we can have a second or perhaps even a third visit before we finally finish our vacation. She commented that she truly enjoyed our lunch in this restaurant. Both of them enjoyed cooking the assortment of beef barbecue, squids, fish fillet and some veggies. All of these were marinated perfectly on a special sauce.

Each table has a grill on the center and we just found ourselves enjoying grilling our own foods directly on our table. It was fun! This is actually an outdoor restaurant but protected in case of rain. They have a very good menu book complete with nice photos of the foods and more importantly with an English description so easier for tourists. Food servers were also attentive and friendly. We went there around past 2 PM so the place is not so full giving us the chance to fully enjoy our foods. I learned from some reviews that this place is usually full from 11AM to 1PM and from 7PM to 9PM, so we just decided to avoid the crowd.

Overall, I would say that we had a very nice experience at the Barbecue Garden Restaurant! This is indeed a very good choice in Saigon.

Barbecue Garden is located at :

135A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dist.1, Hcmc, Vietnam TEL: (84.8) 3 823 3340
Open daily from 11AM - 11PM.

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