Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saigon Painting - A Must Have!

Walking along the streets on our way to Ben Thanh Market direct from our "little shopping" at Saigon Square, we had passed by this Gallery where one guy is doing some painting works. We stopped for a while and watch him as he paints and I'm amazed by his expertise. I've long been wanting to get at least two to three paintings at Saigon same as what I've mentioned on my previous post. But when I saw this guy, I thought of why not ask him to paint our chosen photo from our numerous photos captured on different places at Saigon. I guess that would be more special!

Oh well... the problem is, I forget to inquire about the price and how long he can complete one "made to order" painting. But I'm pretty sure, it won't cost me that much...maybe from the range of $30 to $60?? Hmmm... I have to check it out when I go there next time.

There are actually so many galleries there around District 1 and for sure that you can find one that can fit your taste and budget.

I will definitely make a detailed post on this info as soon as I succeed with my plan (lol).


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