Thursday, May 5, 2011

Processing OEC For Returning OFW's .... A Big Disappointment?

I went to Clark in Angeles Pamapanga last 04 May to process my OEC at POEA. I went there with my daughter, Mikz. I was hoping to finish early so we can have a good time strolling around SM Clark and buy some stuff. my disappointment, the place was crowded and the number I got is 251. We arrived there after lunch and a bunch of people were already there ahead of us. I wish that POEA office in Clark can find ways to improve their system to enable the OFW's to enjoy their much needed time enjoying their vacation. Not only that... I started having my Phil Health membership evaluated at the Phil Health section, that is actually step 1. After verifying from the computer, I was apprised that I still have my membership valid until October 2011. But to my surprise, I was asked if I already wanted to renew and pay P900. I refused and replied that I will still go back to Philippines before end of the year so that would be the best time for me to renew my membership. My membership is still valid for 6 months, so why do I have to renew at this early? Just to collect another P900? Tsskk...

Another disappointment was when I finally had my turn to be evaluated at OWWA. They are asking me again to pay the renewal fee of $25 on it's peso equivalent for the renewal of my OWWA membership which, in reality is still valid until November 2011. As expected, I refused. I showed them my OEC showing the validity date of my membership from which the assigned personnel replied, "it's good that you have shown this document, otherwise you have to pay in full instead of the usual P100". I just wonder why they are very eager to ask us to pay the renewal fees even if our membership is still valid? What if the OFW-member never keep track of their personal records with them? What's the use of the database, then?

I'm just hoping they could do something to improve this. I also noticed that some of the office personnel were not polite in dealing with OFW's. Where is the service with a smile? Don't they realize that their salaries are being drawn from OFW's contributions? OFW's are contributing to the growth of the Philippine economy so they should be regarded with appreciation and respect. I think other OFW's will agree with me on this point. I finally ended up at almost 5PM. Very little time left for getting around SM. :(

Our cry?? Improvement...please!!!!


  1. I agree! I was in the Phils last May 2011 to spend my very short vacation. It took me 7 hours to complete the process even I came in early at around 8:00 a.m.

    Also, the people at POEA office in Ortigas are not friendly...

    Very disappointing!

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