Friday, May 13, 2011

Personalized Stuff - A Good Business?

Wheww!! Thanks God! Blogger was back. It's been 2 days that I cannot make any new post coz Blogger was trying to resolve some issues. Glad that they've finally fixed the problem! As I've mentioned on my previous blog, we've been enjoying a lot our vacation at HCM. Edmar told me that they are just on their second day but it seems that they had seen a lot. I brought them to the night market at Ben Thanh and they had seen quite a good number of stuff for "pasalubong". Mikz bought a number of souvenir shirts and wallets for some of her close friends. Edmar was still undecided what to give to his friends but he had bought a number of shirts for himself. I gave them their personal allowance for this as I wanted them to learn how to budget their money and buy their own things. But I was assisting, of course!

Talking about shirts, my son and I thought of having it as a business. But Edmar wanted the personalized ones which he would design on his own. I think he can do it as he had a good sense of creativity. This boy is having an artistic inclination so I think he would be better off with a business that he truly enjoys. Well...there is this website that offers good "personalized shirts" and they also encouraged those who would like to have this as a business. Cafepress offers a variety of designs you can choose from. I had browsed through their site and I find their designs simple and unique. From the looks of it, they must be of good quality. You can get so many ideas from there. They also have the "funny t-shirts" which I think the young ones will surely be delighted to receive as gifts.

Well...still have to try their options but at least Edmar is already having an idea on how to proceed in case he really decided to start with one. I think this is something that suits his personality. Selling shirts with your own designs is really fun!

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