Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Saigon Tour

As promised to kids, we finally had our flight to Hoh Chi Minh last 11 May at 11PM. We had quite a good flight arriving 30 mins earlier than the scheduled time of arrival. As expected, both of them were excited as I promised to bring them to various tourist spots at Saigon. I had chosen to stay at Central District so we will be near to everything. I will be posting some of the places that we've visited from time to time. For now, I was happy that we arrived safe and sound.

We visited Maximark on our first day where we had our lunch at Monaco Bar and Restaurant. I initially wanted to take the buffet but the two preferred to have short orders as they said they were not that hungry. Hmmm...wise decision huh?

Initially, Mikz was thinking that maybe she can't eat much here as the foods might be different from the usual but I proved her wrong! In fact, she had positive comments on her very first meal. One of the meals we've ordered arrived very late as there was a sort of misunderstanding with the food server. Nonetheless, Edmar was satisfied to have it later as he claimed that it was good!

Meals cost VND55K dong each (around $2.60) minus the drinks. Not bad as it really made us full. I actually wanted to get some dessert but there's no more room for it :)...

Our next activity on next post....
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