Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Second Lucky Visit At NotreDame Cathedral in Saigon!

From my previous post way way back, I've mentioned about my first visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon and had expressed my desire to see the interior of the church which I failed to do from my first visit as it was closed.

Well...this time, I would say that I am lucky enough...why?? because on my second visit I am with my kids and lucky enough to visit at the time that the church was opened and there was a wedding rites being conducted.

After we took some photos in front of the church, I made an attempt to enter inside but I was stopped by the lady guard. She said visiting is not allowed at that time. That time, there was a tour bus and so many tourists were taking photos in front of the church. However, you know naman the Filipinos...will always try and try (lol)..
I talked to the lady guard and explained that I really wanted to go inside the church not for anything but just to offer my prayers. Then she asked me, "Are you going alone?" which I replied..."with my two children". Then she said,"okay, you can go now"...I was so happy and immediately asked the kids to enter. We offered our sincere prayers inside for around 15 minutes or so. Of course, we did not take photos inside as that maybe the reason why they don't allow tourists to go inside which I perfectly understand.

The church was quite big and has several separate spaces for praying to different saints, Sto. Nino and to the Mother of Perpetual Help. We did not have enough time to walk around inside the church to see and appreciate everything as there was a wedding rites being conducted. Of course, we don't want to be the subject of attention of everybody. I had a nice experience praying. I could feel the "connection" while I'm praying and the happiness that engulfs my being as I uttered my sincere wishes and prayers. I was in deep concentration and I just felt that I was already in tears while praying.

My mom slipped on the kitchen floor few weeks ago and is suffering from a swollen arm. She can't hardly move her right arm. She's taking pain relievers and antibiotics but the improvement is quite slow. I prayed for her full recovery soon and for more "good times" on a vacation like this with my kids whom I love so dearly! They say that offering a sincere prayer on your very first visit to any church is a good thing to do and often yields positive results if you really prayed from your heart. Well.. I believe in the power of prayers and in my own faith to God. Nothing is impossible to God. So we just have to keep believing!

I bought 2 bracelet rosaries for myself and for Mom infront of the church as souvenir for my visit. Kids bought one too.

I will never forget this experience of visiting Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon. I wish to be back soon and attend an English mass.

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Hi There! Thanks for visiting my site! should try to visit Saigon. Very easy to explore the place and not so tight on the budget, too.


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