Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Second Cake - "Tasty Carrot Cake"

After having baked my first ever chocolate moist cake, I was inspired to experiment more..."practice makes perfect" I have to bake more until I get okay with baking. I know I'm yet to learn more tips and techniques but since I was just starting, I have to start with the basics. Hopefully, I can improve as I go along!

Here's what I've got with my second experiment in baking:

Honestly, I prefer this one than the first one that I baked last week. The frosting is just fine, not too sweet and of course, even before I already love carrot cake. Not only it's yummy but it's also healthy. It goes well with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or cappucino. Good for breakfast as well as for snacks. So sad, I don't have much time left to try my 3rd cake as I'm running out of time already. By right, I should have baked it for Mother's Day. Hmmm...probably I will just cook spaghetti and prepare some sandwiches instead!

I wish I could bake some cup cakes next. :) (lol) (Trying hard!)

Happy week end everyone!!


  1. wow,may second cake na agad...yehey! yum! ano po iyong nasa bowl, carrot and raisins? did you put those in the cake? if yes, maybe next time i will make carrot cake, try ko din lagyan! what's on topped? :) happy mother's day!

  2. yummy carrot cake.....:-) do you a recipe online for the carrot cake?

  3. Hi Cheerful! Thanks for visiting back and reading several posts. I appreciate it so much! Yes..those were carrots and raisins. These were mixed with the cake mix kaya makikita yun when u slice the cake. For the toppings, I just put some chocolate bits (kasi yun lang available sa house that time he-he). Pinagpraktisan talaga yang cake na yan. :) Thanks again!

  4. Hi Tanke De Gira...thanks for dropping by at my site. I did not get the recipe online. I just bought the cake mix and experiment with the design. I just made use of what is available in the house. But I believe there are also available recipes online but since this is only my second try, I just wanted to start with the cake mixes first. May instructions na kasi dun..

  5. That's so yum, Krizz. Gusto ko rin yan! :-)


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