Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Cross Stitch Collection!

Last month, I bought 2 cross stitch kits from Duty Free at the Vietnam Boarder. I haven't actually started doing it yet as I'm really very busy now. Luckily,I still can blog once in a while :) To make myself inspired, I went through my cross stitch collection display in my house. It's nice to remember how these were made and those people who contributed their efforts so I could have all these. I have all these framed but I still have one kept in my cabinet unframed. I can't decide where to hang it so I decided to keep it first. These were souvenirs so I really treasure these items.

I am hoping that I could add up more to this collection. I actually have another 2 which I failed to include on the photos shown but they are hung on the wall in my living room. This is a good hobby if you have the interest and the time to work for it. Not only you could create nice decorations for your house but you also can find fulfillment in every project you just have completed. It's also a kind of gift that is truly appreciated coz it is a proof of your hard work, patience and dedication to create something unique for your friends and loved ones.

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