Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Is Over!

Whewww....time flies so fast, summer is over and what's next? Rainy season, of course. June marks the beginning of school year in the Philippines and the rainy season too. I must admit, I hate this season. It's very hard to move around when it's raining. I also pity the kids when going to school. Luckily, now I don't have to travel to work unlike last time when I was in the Philippines that I have to come to work on shifting and it's so hard to travel from your home to your office when it's raining especially during the night time.

I'm comfortable here where I am now, as I stay and work on the same building and no need to travel at all. But I'm thinking about the kids. Well...it's the time of the year that we have to bear even though we like it or not, after all...it definitely would come.

June also marks the beginning of higher expenses especially when you have kids going to school. School fees, books, school supplies, uniforms, bags, shoes, etc.
I just felt that June is the time of the year that we have to do a lot of preparations. Somehow, I have done mine. Kids are both ready for school and I have done the necessary preparations for the house and for their needs. It's really a great relief! Well...it's not an easy life, we have to work...work...and work!

But on a positive note, I would say that this is what keeps you going!


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