Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's A Fun Day at Hung Vuong Plaza!

Since Edz and Mikz had a great time watching THOR 3D at Megastar Cineplex, we decided to watch another movie which is equally good, "PAUL". Before watching it, we decided to have an early dinner at Red Dot located at the Food Court of Hung Vuong Plaza. Well the foods we ordered don't taste much different from the Filipino version of sweet and sour fish fillet, grilled fish and beef steak. That's why all of us didn't have a hard time to finish all the foods. I also ordered fried veggie spring rolls which is also nice.

Well..the price is just fine. It costs us about VND240K (about $12) for everything including the drinks. Not bad, huh??

After the dinner, we proceeded to megastar cineplex. We initially wanted to watch RIO but later, Mikz suddenly changed her mind and insisted to watch "PAUL" which is a story of an alien who befriended two "nerds" from England. The story is cute and entertaining.

We watched the last full show which ended up at 12MN. As expected, we went back to the hotel so tired and exhausted...but I would say it's one great day!!

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