Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hoh Chi Min City's Central Post Office

Photos above were taken from the Central Post Office in Hoh Chi Min City. This is one of the favorite tourist attractions located on the central district. It is just located opposite the Notre Dame Cathedral and few blocks away from Diamond Plaza.

As you enter the building, you will be amazed at the architectural design of this French Colonial building. It has high ceilings and have elegantly decorated floor tiles finish. Just like the Notre Dame cathedral, this building can boast of it's colonial French architecture. No wonder why many tourists will never complete their visit to Ho Chi Min City without having a look at this Post Office. Since, it is just located opposite Notre Dame Cathedral, it's really worth to take a quick look of this building.

Inside have two souvenir shops where you can buy a lot of souvenir items to bring home. They also sell collection of stamps for those stamp collectors out there! Inside have wooden phone booths which look elegant and beautiful!

Oh! Before I forget, I also would like to mention that inside the Post office has a Foreign Exchange counter where you can exchange USD to Vietnam Dong. I availed of this facility thrice but as a word of caution, there shouldn't be any tax deducted whatsoever in your exchanged notes. I had this experience that on the first two transactions that I had, I got exactly the exchange rate posted on the FOREX Board on display. But on my 3rd time, there was this lady who asked me to fill out a receipt and then deduct some $1.5 which she claimed as tax. I told her that if it's the case, then why on the first two transactions that I had with the other guy, I wasn't deducted any tax? When I complained, she immediately returned the deducted amount without any explanation. Oh well...we have to be smart sometimes, lots and lots of locals would take advantage on tourists most of the time.

Don't fail to visit the Central Post Office in case you happen to visit Hoh Chi Min City in the future. It's worth it!

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