Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Fun Day At Damsen Theme Park

On our second day at Hoh Chi Minh City, we decided to visit one of the theme parks at Hoh Chih Min, the "Damsen Theme Park". Edz and Mikz were both amazed at how big this theme park is, but I told them that this is so far the smallest in Hoh Chi Minh and both replied... "what??"'s probably because we really get tired exploring the entire place in a day. Here are some of the chosen pics from lots and lots of pics that we had when we went there....

If compared to the theme parks in the Philippines, I guess this one is more complete coz it's everything rolled into one. Inside the park have a zoo, lush gardens, rock formation, artificial water falls, rides, souvenir shops, water park, restaurants and small food kiosks. No wonder why we saw a lot of prenuptial photo shoots being done there on our visit as there are really lots of nice views inside the theme park.

We even watched an animal show wherein some trained animals did some tricks with their trainers. Animal performers include elephant, monkeys, bears, dog and goats. There was also a magician who did some amazing magic tricks. It was really fun! was great! No moment was wasted on our visit there....
looking forward to visit the second theme park here, "The Suoi Tien Theme Park".

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