Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food Trip - Pho 24 at Saigon

We dine twice at Pho 24 and found the foods to be very basic. Actually, I was expecting the soup to be "superb" as I always hear good remarks from friends that they serve the best soup at Hoh Chi Minh. I decided to give it a try but was not really satisfied based from my expectations. In fact, I haven't finish the soup that I ordered and let my son feast with my left over (lol). Kidding aside, even the shredded pork with broken rice (second photo) tastes so blunt. Nothing special. When you look at the menu, you can find so many choices with names look appealing but looks different when it reaches your table. Nonetheless, this food chain is accessible as you can find it all over the area. It would be good enough for a quick remedy to a growling stomach :).

Price is of standard range, around $2.5 to $5 per serving.

Just sharing!

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