Monday, May 16, 2011

A Dinner at Mon Hue Restaurant!

After visiting "Damsen Theme Park", we decided to have our dinner at Mon Hue Restaurant. This is located somewhere in District 1 near the Ben Thanh Market area. We were all curious by the good ambiance of the restaurant so we decided to give it a try. We ordered sea food rice, fried rice with baby clams, rice and omelet with clams and a soup that I forgot the name but tastes a bit sour.

The food presentation was good as well as the service. Everything was clean and organized. But since this was the first time my kids tried something different, I noticed that they did not really enjoy the foods but anyway, they still tried to consume as much as they could just for the experience. Well.. I understand the feeling...I also had the same the first time I arrived here.

But one thing good about them, they are not afraid to explore and they are really curious to try everything. Not much problem with my son as he can basically eat anything from veggies to fish and meats. But my daughter Mikz is a bit choosy. Most of the time, she would opt to order "beef" only.

Well.. there's no harm in trying. Sampling different kinds of foods is always a good experience for any traveler.

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