Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dental Services At Saigon

One thing that I love about Vietnam is the fact that their medicines, medical and dental services are quite cheaper compared to Philippines. I've read from other blogs that even their optical products and services are cheaper, too. No wonder that I could read some trip reviews that some tourists are actually coming here for two reasons: for pleasure trip and to avail of their dental services.

Well...since this summer is the scheduled dental cleaning for everyone in the family as kids normally do this prior to start of school, all of us have decided to have our dental cleaning done at Saigon. Anyway, we have the scheduled trip so we just want to take advantage trying their dental services also.

There are lots of private dental clinics at Saigon especially at the central district. I can see that the facilities are good and of acceptable standard, some are even of high standard. Talking about the most important consideration..."the price", well..I guess what I've read from other posts were indeed, true. The price of their dental services compared to Philippines is far lower.

We availed of their dental cleaning services for VND150K or about $7.5 or PHP320 compared to what our Family Dentist charged us which is PHP600 to PHP700. Almost half right? That's why I'm thinking of availing their "teeth whitening" in the future, if opportunity arises.


Most doctors and dentists can communicate in English so there's not much problem. We survived our "first time" so I guess...everything went through smoothly.

Kids were reluctant at first but after they're done with the procedure, they said it's just perfectly fine to have such at Saigon.

A good experience! :)

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