A Day At SM Clark!

After that long wait at POEA office to process my OEC, we only have a few hours left to drop by at SM Clark. It was a quick shopping! Buying only the things that I really need to bring back to Cambodia. Me and Mikz just content ourselves with quick "food trips". I'm glad that she can eat a lot now compared to last time. I really wanted her to gain more weight.

I only bought my luggage bag and some food stuff. Of course, I also made sure that I would bring back home my favorite snacks that I truly missed :), cheesy ensaymada with ube from Mulach Ensaymada and the famous "BIbingkinita"...

That's actually the consolation, eating the foods that you crave for! My son was equally happy receiving his "pasalubong", Assorted Brownies from Brownies Unlimited! For me, I really love the "bibingkinita". The taste is just perfect for me. So cheesy and yummy!! I wish to have more..... :)

Hmm...there will always be next time....


  1. everything's yummy! hmm...i didn't know you're working in cambodia, was thinking somewhere in thailand or vietnam, (sorry, nagback-read tuloy ako bigla dun sa mga category na under cambodia at phnom penh.) anyway, hope to see you someday! btw, your daughter's weight reminds of my weight back then...

  2. Hi there! hahaha! I thought all the while alam mo na nasa Cambodia me. Kasi madalas ako magtanong sayo about where to buy some stuff in PP. I was actually reading and following your blog as well as those of Lui and Josiet! I also know that you are the Peluka sisters!! But I just started blogging Oct of last year. Hope to meet u someday, too. It's not impossible coz we're on the same country.


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