Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcoming The Month of April...

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Time is really fast. Before I knew it, another month quietly passed. Now, it's April! What's the first thing that comes into my mind? Summer...summer....summer! Yup! I love summer. Maybe other people don't, but I always consider this month as a "merry month". The fact that this is a school break makes me really excited to come home and spend time with my kids. Despite of it's disadvantages like sweating out too much, "heat strokes", and a feeling of being dehydrated most of the times due to the extremely hot weather condition, I think there are still a lot of ways to beat the summer heat. The following are the top ten on my list :

1.) Eat "halo-halo" (my favorite!)
2.) Eat fruit flavored ice candies, fruit shakes (yummy!)
3.) Stay outdoor for picnics.
4.) Spend time visiting resorts and beaches.
5.) Stroll at the park. ( a cheaper option)
6.) Visit malls and watch your favorite movies.
7.) Best time to
8.) Stay outside of the house to get a fresh air and appreciate the
beauty of your home garden.
9.) Travel and visit famous tourist spots be it within or outside the
10.) Best time to eat fruits. Fruits are abundant during summer (and
cheap, too!)

With the above list of fun activities on hand, would you blame me if I love summer?

Happy summer everyone!

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