Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vietnam Street Foods

When it comes to street foods, no one can beat Vietnam. Vietnamese people have a unique way of selling foods on the streets. But I would admit, I admire them for being hard working. Why did I say so? Could you imagine a lady driving an old motorcycle with a food card attached to it full of food stuff and other things used for selling foods? It’s overloaded to the point that you can hardly see the face of the person driving already. I could imagine them waking up wee hours in the morning, preparing and cooking all those foods and travel all the way from the nearby provinces to the Vietnam Boarder.

If you are new to this place, perhaps you would have second thoughts buying those “street foods”. Foods were not properly covered; some sellers used their bare hands when packing the foods. But as I said, it is their way of life, it’s part of their culture that expats, like me should understand. It’s just a matter of adapting ourselves to where we are.

I still find buying “street foods” an experience an expat shouldn’t miss. It’s fun. Foods are cheap and some really taste good. They have various ways of preparing and cooking the foods. As for the issue of sanitation, you still can find some vendors who are more careful in handling the foods so you just have to be keen on this.

As for my final note, I would say that buying and sampling their foods is a very good way of understanding the Vietnamese people, their culture and their way of life.


  1. OO nga. Kinakamay nila yung pagkain. Hehe. Grabe naman. :)

  2. Don't worry...hindi naman lahat. Yung iba naman may hand gloves. He he he.... Try it when you to Vietnam next month! :)


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