Thursday, April 7, 2011

Treating Myself For A Soothing Massage!

After having been stressed out the past few days, not having enough sleep and all that..I thought of giving myself a break. The first thing that comes to my mind is to get a "good massage". I love the "Vietnam Hot Stone Massage". It's really very relaxing. It's a great way to pamper yourself after being stressed out from work or from whatever you're busy with. In fact, if your budget will allow you, this should be done on a regular basis. Well...for the nth time, I got it from Emchi.
This is not actually a spa, but just a normal massage clinic as they only offer full body massage. I'm kind of confused at first. I think in Vietnam, they normally call it "foot massage" but actually it's a full body massage with "hot stone". In Philippines, they really specify the kind of massage. If it's foot massage, then it's only foot massage, if head and shoulder, then it's really that, if full body massage, then you get a full body massage. I'm really into "massage" and I just love to try it anywhere. I tried it as well in Hoh Chih Minh City and it's the same, the sign board outside the place says, "Foot Massage" but actually it's a full body massage plus "hot stone". Not bad, isn't it? Actually, the Vietnam massage is so far the "best" in my list. I'm amazed how those pretty and petite Vietnamese massage girls can give a "hard press". I guess, they are really well trained. They would normally end up the massage with stretching and they really do it well. But for me, the best part is the "hot stone" massage. It's really soothing!

The price is not bad, it costs me $10 including TIPS. What I like best is that I don't have to travel or even go out of the building. It is located inside the building where I stay. So, I can straight away go to sleep few mins right after the massage,as I just have to walk a bit back to my room.

It's really worth it!


  1. Nice art work. Interior presented here is good and very eye catcher. Brawn colour makes it best.

  2. Hi Anton! Thanks for visiting my site! This massage clinic is really cool..simple but classy.This is my favorite hang out whenever I feel stressed out...

  3. wow! murang mura ng massage na yan ah. kahit nga every month pwedeng ma afford. dito kasi ang mahaaaaaal magpamasahe. although yung ibang insurance covered naman ang massage. ako once pa lang din nakapagpa massage, birthday gift sakin ni vince. hehe.


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