Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Newly Adopted Pet

About two weeks ago, my daughter Miks was so excited to tell me that she just had acquired a new puppy from her uncle. The puppy is a pure breed German Shephered. This girl long wanted to have a new puppy since she only had Luca after the other puppy died months ago. I would say she really loves dogs. She loves to play with them. No wonder why all her pet dogs were really close to her. Unfortunately, some of them died due to sickness. Everytime she loses one, she would immediately think of acquiring one again.

So this is her latest puppy named KAFI. Don't know how she came up with the name (lol).

I'm just worried though after this puppy grows up, German Shepherds are really big in size and maybe hard to feed. I'm not sure how my daughter is able to take care of her.

Anyway, since she is enjoying it for now...I just wish her the best.
I wanted her to be happy... that's all that matters to me.

Welcome home KAFI!!

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