Monday, April 4, 2011

The Only Permanent Thing In Life Is Change!

It's been four years since I first landed to Cambodia and Vietnam. Looking back, I had seen so many rapid changes around me. Just like any other country, these two countries are really soaring high. I really never had any idea about these two countries until the time that I was able to come here for work. The only thing that I remembered prior to coming here was the information I got from friends, ex colleagues and from my readings that these two countries were far away underdeveloped countries. It might be true, if we compare these two to the likes of Singapore and Malaysia and other well off countries in South East Asia but I was a witness of how these two are rapidly developing in terms of infrastructure, education, investments, etc. I would admit having received a countless "culture shock" upon staying here but I got to appreciate culture differences more. This is why I have been saying eversince that my expat life is both a discovery and a challenge. From Cambodia alone, I could see that investors are coming in non stop as evidently shown by more and more buildings being built, roads getting better and more private schools being put up.

Walking down the side streets of this provincial area for example, enabled me to have a view of the developments throughout the four years that I stayed here. More...more and more buildings. Private persons doing "money exchange business" are scattered everywhere down the street. Vendors, shops selling goods, eateries, reaturants and guest houses are also doubling in number. This is a sign of growth, isn't it?

I am happy to be a witness of all these developments and I am happy that I had the chance to understand other cultures. There is more to learn living in other countries. The culture, their way of life, their people, their place, their homes. This is the consolation I've got being far away from home.....

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