Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Thoughts ....

Today, I have so many things going over my mind…..I prepared a list of things that I have to complete here before I go back home for my vacation. Day by day, I’m checking my list, making sure that I’m following it strictly. I don’t want to end up rushing and feeling exhausted trying to catch up with some things still left undone. I want to have a peaceful sleep a night before my flight.

Almost a week ago, I’m done with my “little shopping” for the things I want to bring back home. I already weighed my luggage and it’s already 15 kilos. I can’t add up more coz I don’t want to pay extra for my excess baggage 

I think I’m coping up with my list of task, quite well. Next, I will be preparing another “To Do” list for the things that I have to accomplish back home. Well.... it will not be all tasks, anyway. This includes my “leisure activities”, as well. Then another list must be done for our tour next month. I must do it this way, or else, I would end up messed up or if not, maybe a bit upset not being able to do all the things I want.

Planning ahead and making a list helps me get organized with everything. I’m used to this ever since and so far, it works.

Well…”Good Luck” to me…..

Happy Weekend!

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