Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Thoughts For The Day!

Now...I begin to understand why a lot of people are hooked into blogging. I'm just new to this kind of thing. Well...I mean compared to others who had been blogging for years. I just started blogging since October of last year. Since then, my life had changed a bit. I begin to know and appreciate people from the blogosphere. Reading their blogs not only entertained me, at times, but I also get a lot of information especially about things which are totally new to me.

But one of the best things that I got from blogging is having a venue to open up my thoughts, my worries and my fears. After unloading it through my writings, I admit, I somehow feel better. For sure, someone out there could somehow relate and give back their personal insights to you and this is such a relief.

Just like the past few days, I've been getting a lot of stress...not from job but from people around me. Things get worse and worse each day. Sometimes, I couldn't help but feel upset and feel that sudden emptiness within me. These are the times, I would remember my old friends who used to give me a pat on my back when I'm feeling blue. But things changed... and sometimes, what we want to retain in this life cannot be possible. People come and go and so the events, situations, circumstances....

I guess...this is all part of life! We have to live up with the changes just like the title of my previous post, "The Only Permanent Thing In Life Is Change". But as the saying goes, "the show must go on" and so our lives. As long as we are staying here on earth, we cannot be free from pressures and stress brought about by the environment. We just have to live with it...

As what I always tell myself..."Just do my best, and God will do the rest!"
At the end of each day, it will still going to be me...and my cup of cofee!


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