Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Finally Home!!

It was a tiring journey back home. As the saying goes, 'Always expect the unexpected!" Well... I got a number of predicaments along this trip. First, I'm almost out of my room ready to go to the boarder when suddenly, it rains so hard. No choice then but to wait for almost an hour before the rain finally stopped. Secondly, my flight was delayed for 1 and 1/2 hour. My flight was supposed to be at 1AM but we only left Tan Soh Nhat Airport at 2:30 AM. Third, we're at Manila at 6:00 AM but there's a bit of delay again as the Pilot announced few minutes delay as the bay was still occupied. Finally, we were able to finish with all the Immigration procedures and checking out of our luggage but the last and the most annoying part of my predicaments was when I arrived at the Victory Terminal at Pasay. For God's sake, the place was crowded with passengers hoping to catch a trip back to their respective provinces. I was not wrong with my assumption that I'm going to have a hard time catching a bus at the Victory Terminal because it's a Holy Thursday and I knew that a lot of people will travel back to their provinces. I have to queue starting from the entrance of the Victory Liner compound until the ticket booth. Could you imagine, I was there at 7:00 AM and my bus only departed at 11:00 AM. To make the story short, I was finally home at almost 3:00 PM already compared to the usual time which is 10:00 AM. I cannot describe my feeling that time. I only had few hours of sleep and was very tired. The worst part was that I had a migraine attack and almost get fainted when I was at the long queue.

It was indeed a nightmare! But it's okay...I'm home now. My consolation was that, at least, I'm able to get back home safe and sound. Things like these can never be predicted and I guess, we should always be armed with enough foods, water and medicines to keep us going.

I just recovered from my very tiring trip. I had to sleep for a continuous 14 hrs to keep me feeling renewed again. Thanks God, it's over! :)


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