Monday, April 11, 2011

For My Little "Fashionista"

I bought these two items from GC Duty Free Shop last Saturday. I usually find it difficult to look for something that will fit her since this girl is so choosy with her clothes. Besides, we’re miles apart, so sometimes I’m a bit hesitant to buy her pants or shorts coz I’m not sure how fast she is growing or whether she has already gained some extra pounds (hopefully). But, anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that she would like these two items coz I find it cute, and I hope she also would.

I’m pretty sure at this early, she is already thinking of what clothes she would bring for her May trip to Saigon. I would be bringing her and her “kuya” for a short vacation there. I’m glad that finally I’m able to fulfill my promise to both of them. There’s no turning back coz their return tickets were already booked since last month. Thank you to Cebu Pacific for the “promo fare” (lol). I am equally excited even I’ve been to Saigon so many times already. This time, it’s different coz I will be with the kids. I think I will enjoy my trip more coz I am in the company of young…young people. So, I will also feel young…. Young at heart! (Lol) What do you think?

Have a great week!

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