Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day Spent At The Duty Free Shops!

Since I'm free last Saturday, I decided to spend my day at the Duty Free shops located near the boarder. I was hoping to find some "cool stuff" which I could bring back home as "pasalubongs". Everytime I go back to the Philippines to take my vacation, I always make it a point to visit these shops and scout for some affordable goods. Well..the truth is, the prices of the goods being sold here are relatively cheaper compared to those being sold in the Philippines.

This was the first shop that I visited. This is the smaller shop where the goods you can find are mostly the usual stuff for the house like bed sheets and cute blankets, towels, home decors, kitchen items and there is a section for school items. Some personal stuff are also being sold here like bags, wallets, sleep wears, under wears, belts, etc. I love this shop coz this is where I can find the "pasalubong" that my kids love.

This is the bigger Duty Free shop. This has a complete line of goods ranging from grocery items, kitchen wares, house wares, accessories, clothings, bags and of course the usual duty free items like wines, cigarettes, perfumes, cosmetics and chocolates.

This is the free shuttle service which I never availed of since this usually brings the locals to the bus station or to a designated drop off point. Pity me...I'm an expat so I have to "endure" the rules. What is that rule? Well...I have to pass through the Immigration of both Cambodia and Vietnam just to go and shop at the Duty Free shops. Tsskk....tskkkk.

I'm not sure if taking photos is allowed here. In Philippines, it's not! I just manage to shot pictures during the time that there are no shoppers or sales clerks present around the area (lol).

Just to give you an idea of how cheap the goods are...I've read from one blog that a REVLON SILK COLOURS of any variants costs about PHP399 or $9.19 at Manila for one box as compared to the price in this duty free shop which is only about VND47,000 (Vietnam Dong) or PHP103 or $2.36. How is that for a savings?

This is the reason why I "endure" everything just to shop here (lol)...

Just Sharing!!!


  1. Wow! That is a savings on the hair color!

  2. Hi Krizza!Cambodia looks so beautiful!Can't wait to visit it someday.Btw,do we need to apply for a visa just to visit it?Thanks so much Krizza!

  3. Wow!Just Php103 for Revlon Colorsilk?Ang mura naman!

  4. Hi B's Mom! Thanks for dropping by! Yes..I'm actually speechless comparing the prices..Imagine P300 difference? My purchase was such a steal! :)

  5. Hello Kaye! I'm so glad that you're back here. Hmm..I was actually referring to your blog about the REVLON Colorsilk. I've just visited your blog and able to read few posts and I read the one about REVLON. You greatly influenced my purchase you know...hahaha. Who would not be tempted to buy a good product for a much lesser price....

    About coming to Cambodia, it's easy and cheap too. No need for a visa. You have 21 days free visa upon arrival. This is only for Malaysians and Filipinos. Cebu Pacific always have promo fares. Would you believe that I booked return tickets for 3 persons for over $300 only?

  6. Wonder why I never go to DFS in Vn back then? Sure thing, some items are cheaper.


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